Kindergarten morning work using Augmented Reality.


Ideal for Kindergarten Q1 / Term 1 class morning work, remote learning, homework or kindergarten preparation. 


These activities focus on handwriting of numbers and letters for fine motor development, building a foundation for reading. Letter + number formations then animate in AR.


Ideal for 3-5 yr olds, this bundle includes:

  • 10 weeks of Kindergarten activities 5 days/wk (50 pages)
  • Daily phonic and frequent words AR activity 
  • Daily 1-10 AR activity 
  • A summary sheet each week to consolidate new learnings
  • Practise writing activities 
    - a letter to your favourite to
    - a picnic packing list
    - a thank you card
    - a ‘get moving’ page
    - a sample story page to write and draw

Each page takes an estimated 10 minutes to complete  and use of technology is only a portion of that time spent. Technology integration with use of Narrator AR app and is ideal for independent and remote learning.


How AR Adventure packs work?


  1. Download and print the pdf file. 
  2. Download the Narrator AR app   AppStore     GooglePlay

Activity pages - follow the instructions on each page

  1. Hold app over card to reveal letters/numbers in AR
  2. Write letters / numbers to complete the activity


This file is 53 x A4 page pdf.


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Bundle - AR Morning Work l A-Z CVCs 1-10 l 50 pages

  • A free lesson plan is available for use with this template.  It includes:

    • Learning objectives
    • Preparation + materials
    • Video demonstrations
    • Prior knowledge
    • Activity Plan (handwriting and animation in AR)
    • Extension and discussion ideas
    • Education standard specifications