Bundle l Story Pages l Fall l Autumn story prompts l 6 stories

How do Story Pages work?


We prompt a story idea and children then draw their own ending. In the process they trace a CVC keyword  from the story.


The templates are used in conjuction with the Narrator AR app. This app will take the keyword and animate each letter in augmented reality (AR). The app demonstrates correct letter formation while providing an enaging and rewarding learning experience.


(Note: the app will not animate a child's drawing.)


This activity is ideal for 3-6 year olds, home learning or in class.


About this activity
Each activity is one A4 page with 
- A simple sentence including
       - a common word in theme with the season
       - sight words
       - high frequency words
- A keyword that can be traced and animated in AR via the Narrator AR app
- A creative writing prompt

- Stories can be whimsical and personify everyday objects to inspire creativity 


Things to note
- The activity can be printed in colour or black/white
- 2 versions of spelling are provided where appropriate  ( eg. color vs colour)
- Technology integration is optional and is only a portion of the activity


This download is has 6 Fall / Autumn themed Story Pages.


We are building our resource library with regular new template releases.


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Bundle l Story Pages l Fall l Autumn story prompts l 6 stories

  • A free lesson plan is available for use with this template.  It includes:

    • Learning objectives
    • Preparation + materials
    • Video demonstrations
    • Prior knowledge
    • Activity Plan (handwriting and animation in AR)
    • Extension and discussion ideas
    • Education standard specifications