Bring numbers to life with Augmented Reality!

Use these ‘no preparation’ worksheets to combine the teaching of basic maths concepts with simple use of new technology. Most importantly, these sheets encourage children to pick up a pen and write, before they pick up a tablet. Studies show that when numbers and letters are handwritten children show greater memory retention.


How do they work?


  1. Download and print the pdf file
  2. Download the Narrator AR app   AppStore     GooglePlay


1. Use play doh (or anything tactile) to make the number. You can also create a story by crafting the same number of snakes, leaves, ants ... or more!

2. Hold the app over the page to watch the number animate in AR. Animations illustrate correct number formation


The file is a 11 A4 page pdf saved as a zip file. Download and save the zip file. Click on the saved zip file and choose ‘open with’ to open the pdf file on your computer.


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AR Numbers Make 1-10

  • A free lesson plan is available for use with this template.  It includes:

    • Learning objectives
    • Preparation + materials
    • Video demonstrations
    • Prior knowledge
    • Activity Plan (handwriting and animation in AR)
    • Extension and discussion ideas
    • Education standard specifications