Welcome to AR adventures! They are designed for independant learning and building confidence with letters and numbers


Ideal for 4-6 yr olds, these ‘choose your own adventure’ style activities gamify basic letters, numbers, writing and reading. They hook kids’ interest and encourage ongoing engagement.

These activities use a set of cards in combination with the printed AR activity book and the free Narrator AR app. Colour coding is used to introduce different writing, drawing, crafting and moving activities.


These activities are designed to be as versatile as possible. They can

  •     be used individually or with a group
  •     use augmented reality (AR) or not or a combination of both. 

This file contains:

  • 5 days of Ocean stories for early literacy
  • 5 days of Ocean numbers for early numeracy
  • 5 days of hands on (easy prep!) Ocean craft activities for fine motor skills
  • 5 days of Ocean ' Would you rather' questions for critical thinking
  • 5 days of Ocean 'get moving' activities for gross motor
  • 5 days of game ideas for use anywhere, anytime!
  • 5 days of Ocean snack ideas which are healthy and fun



Activity pages - follow the instructions on each page
1. Hold app over card to reveal letters/numbers in AR

2. Write letters / numbers on matching coloured lines to create stories, draw, crack a code or get moving!


This product contains:

  • A 36 page AR activity book (size A5) with interactive AR in pages
  • Access to the latest immersive technoloy via the Narrator AR app


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AR Activity book only l Ocean Adventure

  • A free lesson plan is available for use with this template.  It includes:

    • Learning objectives
    • Preparation + materials
    • Video demonstrations
    • Prior knowledge
    • Activity Plan (handwriting and animation in AR)
    • Extension and discussion ideas
    • Education standard specifications