Get Started

Download a lesson plan or a Narrator AR starter pack

Download one of our free lesson plans or a Narrator AR starter pack.wUse these instructions below to get started with Narrator AR.


Print AR Activities and samples. 

There is a dotted outline of letters and numbers for children to trace.
Names, numbers, words, letters and story pages are available to purchase from the
AR Activity shop.


name template example.png

Download the app
The app will activate your augmented reality experience.

Available now on  App Store and Google Play.


Pick up a pen

Trace the word on your page.

Writing by hand stimulates fine motor and cognitive functions essential for early learning. It engages the brain much more effectively than just tracing letters on a screen. 

The magic - augmented reality

Open the app. Select a rocket or unicorn. Hold your device over the whole page. Make sure the QR code is in view. A big orange button will appear. Click on the button and enjoy your word written in augmented reality. Do it again, and again and again ... Enjoy!


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