Inspire handwriting with AR

Handwriting is an important pillar of every child's learning foundation.

Narrator AR is the ultimate handwriting resources for early childhood educators. Write words on paper and then animate letter formations in  AR.

Lesson Plans

We understand how busy you are. To help you integrate Narrator AR into your classroom we've created free lesson plans.

We want to make it quick and easy for you to gain the greatest learning benefits in your classroom. With children's brain development  at its maxium, we have no time to waste!

While we understand curriculums around the world differ, our lesson plans are desinged to meet core early learning literacy and technology education standards. 

Lesson plans include:

  • Learning objectives

  • Preparation + materials

  • Demonstrations

  • Prior knowledge

  • Activity plan

  • Extension + discussion ideas

  • Handwriting evidence of impact

  • Aligned education standards for US + Aus

  • An example template

Handwriting templates

We provide a range of educational handwriting templates.

They include letters, numbers, names, short words and story telling.


The templates have individual codes that enact the AR, when used with the Narrator AR app. 

We know that children learn better when they are interested in what they are learning so teachers can also create custom templates to cater for every child's learning needs. 



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