Blended Learning

Blended Learning has arrived, like it or not.


Don’t let it compromise fine motor and literacy skills essential for Early Childhood.


Narrator AR is your new toolbox!


Fun, playful, immersive learning, anywhere, anytime. Activities work with or without the free app.


Blended Learning Challenge #1

One of the biggest challenges is getting children engaged. 


We leverage the magic of augmented reality animates children’s writing off the page. It immerses and connects them to their work. We bring early literacy to life with AR.

Blended Learning Challenge #2

How can you motivate children to learn when so many teachers are finding it hard to get motivated themselves?

We’ve gamified letters and numbers like never before.

Children write letters, numbers, words, including their name and then the magic of AR brings them to life and animations them off the page.

Beyond learning the basics, we have a library full of story pages, word games, get moving activities and choose your adventure. All of these use AR to encourage handwriting, basic literacy, storytelling and creativity.

Blended Learning Challenge #3

The shift to digital can be overwhelming. Overwhelming for any class group but especially for early childhood.

Narrator AR is intentionally designed to be easy. Easy for teachers. Easy for parents. Easy for children.

Easy to get started and easy to use. All you need is printed activity sheets and the free app. (Activities can also work without the app for those without devices or group class work.)

All sheets can be re-used. They can be laminated or used in an activity binder. Word game activities use one set of cards and templates to create different outcomes every time.

Beyond ease, it creates consistency and give you great value from your investment in resources.

Go on … go digital!

Blended Learning Challenge #4

Digital in early childhood is still ill defined. It raises mixed and passionate opinions. (We’ve head most of them!)

It doesn’t help that there are few resources that use technology for ‘creation’ not just ‘consumption’ or offer genuine learning benefits.


Play, fine motor skills and literacy will always be learning foundation pillars before the age of 5.

Narrator AR have combined these into a safe, free app that uses the magic of augmented reality to encourage handwriting.

Fun characters playfully demonstrate correct animated letter formations off the page in AR.

These repeated animations teach children how to form letters. With distance learning this tool is imperative to support early learning. Children who can write find it easier to read. Those that can read and write are free to think and create.

Digital or not, our goal is to build a belief in children to the point where they see themselves as writers.

Blended Learning Challenge #5

There’s no question that teachers are front line workers in the current global pandemic.

Among many other things they have had to quickly adapt to a whole new way of teaching and in many cases provide learning programs for multiple scenarios.

Narrator AR is versatile and supports learning anywhere, anytime, with or without a device. Our resources span over a year of learning progression which means its easy and consistent for educators and children.

Please use our free resources,  app, lesson plans, activity schedules, games, fine motor crafts and AR starter pack. Follow us on social media for new resources, planning tools, app updates and special offers.