Enjoy some Christmas magic this year! 

Click on the links below to download and enjoy free Christmas resources.


Write words, draw pictures and create stories. Choose from Christmas stories, cards, a letter to Santa or practise some numbers with a Christmas countdown.

Its also easy to create your own numbers, letters, words or names here.

To bring your pages to life, download the Narrator AR app. The app is FREE for December.


Merry Christmas!

Dear Santa letter
Write Santa  and write your letter 

Christmas Countdown

How many sleeps left?

Christmas Stories
Write the word and draw your Christmas story

Christmas Cards
Write the word and fold your card.
Draw your Christmas story on the back and write your message inside

24      23        22       21    20    19

18      17        16       15      14     13

12      11        10        9       8       7

 6       5         4         3        2      1

Countdown 24 - 1

Christmas Words
Practise writing popular Christmas words

bell                  Rudolf                star
card                 Santa                 stocking

carol                sleigh                 tinsel

Christmas       snowman           tree

elf                    song

Merry Christmas   
Happy Holidays   

All Christmas words