AR Learning Hub

With over 91% of school students impacted worldwide due to school closures this year, we got thinking. How can we help? Homeschooling is hard at any age. Its especially hard for our littlest learners. 

So! We've consolidated all of our AR activities into a comprehensive, curriculum aligned easy to use AR learning hub. 

Downloading and printing activities each day can be problematic so we're in the process of printing these new AR activity books to ensure a great learning start for as many children as possible.


Here's the plan ...

Heading 5

Homeschool learning plans

Each of the plans is supported by an AR activity book. There are 4 books in total and each holds 40 days of AR activated activies. That's months of learning!

They are desinged to be easy for parents/educators and easy for kids. After the first few, children can follow page by page in self directed learning (read: well deserved coffee break !)


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