Narrator AR App

An education app encouraging handwriting 

Inspire kids to pick up a pen before a device

Your child is the creator, technology is just the enabler.

The key focus of this app is to encourage your child to write with pen and paper.

The truly unique experience is then using the app to animate their name as a launching rocket or a prancing unicorn.  Using Augmented Reality the letters appear to levitate off the page.

The app currently only uses an English alphabet.

Download this  easy to share - ONE PAGE SNAPSHOT 


Traditional skills

  • This preschool learning app encourages children to pick up a pen and write, write and then write some more!

  • The goal is not only to improve your child’s writing but for them to enjoy writing.

  • Create your name page (or other word) and your child can trace the letters.

  • It is important that children learn and write words relevant to them so once they have conquered their name, try other names – siblings or pet, their suburb or any other words that they want to write.

  • Handwriting engages many different physical and cognitive skills including hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, reading and writing skills, comprehension, inner expressive language and imagination.


Digital Skills

  • This educational app uses Augmented Reality.

  • Augmented Reality is new technology and an exciting introduction to digital learning. It places a digital layer over the top of our ‘real world’.

  • Different characters and word animations used in this kids’ app will motivate children to practise handwriting.

  • Privacy is maintained with no location tagging.

Unique combination of traditional and digital skills

  • We want children to learn one thing; they are the creator, artist and author. The technology merely brings their genius to life.

  • Early learners need positive reinforcement. This Augmented Reality experience confirms that they can write.

  • A sensory play based approach is necessary to successfully engage early learners.

  • Surprise and delight is good for everyone!


  • Simple and intuitive controls for young children

  • High-quality 3D rendered illustrations

  • Playful sounds

  • Animations so real you want to touch them!

  • A self directed Augmented Reality  experience for early learners

  • Ability to easily create personalised names and words for free

  • No in app purchases or third party advertising - worry free for parents

  • Once the app has been downloaded this preschool game needs no wifi to be active

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