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Inspire kids to pick up a pen before a device

Your child is the creator. Technology is just the enabler. 


Children connect to their written words as the Narrator AR app launches letters off the page in augmented reality (AR).

Great for visual learners, letters levitate off the page as a rocket or a rainbow unicorn trail and teach correct letter formation. 

The app is safe, ad free, offline and its simplicity ensures that inquisitive fingers have an easy and fun experience.


Handwriting app for kids


Big little 



Active hands.

Active brains

Early Education is our specific focus.


Fine motor skills, cognitive learning and play, ignite brain activity.


Handwriting ticks all these boxes and more! We use the magic of Augmented Reality to inspire children to pick up a pen and write,
Over and over again!

 85% of brain development is done by 5 yrs old.


Did you know that a NASA study showed that 98% of 5 yr olds can achieve ‘creative genius’ compared to 2% of adults?


We want to help keep that creative genius alive and we're using the magic of AR to help us.

We want to maximise learning benefits in this irreplaceable window of opportunity.


We have no time to waste!


Enhance early education

One of the greatest risks of technology use in Kindergarten 
is what activities it replaces.

Some tech is 'watch'. Ours is 'do'. 

We fall under 'Creating' in

Blooms Digital Taxonomy.

We integrate technology in a way that enhances not replaces
essential early development skills.

Blended Learning Challenges

Blended Learning has arrived, like it or not.


Hybrid, Distance, Homeschool. All are blended learning models.


It does not need to compromise fine motor and literacy skills essential for Early Childhood.

Narrator AR is your new toolbox!

Fun, playful, immersive learning, anywhere, anytime. Activities work with or without the free app.

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