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Handwriting app for kids

Inspire kids to pick up a pen before a device

Your child is the creator. Technology is just the enabler. 


The Narrator AR app takes your child's handwritten name from pen and paper and launches it off the page using augmented reality (AR).

The letters launch as a rocket or a rainbow unicorn trail and appear to levitate off the page. 

The app is safe for little users. It's ad free, offline and its simplicity ensures that inquisitive fingers have an easy and fun experience.


Get Started

Create your unique page
Using our
free tool create any word or letter, uppercase or lower case.

A unique QR code is created and will appear on your page. That code is needed to trigger the AR when using the app.

Get Started example.png

Print your page
This will print a dotted outline for your child to trace. Print names, numbers, words and letters or download some from our
resource page.

You need a printed page with QR code for the app to work. The goal of the app is to encourage children to pick up a pen, not to trace on a screen. There's plenty of great apps that do that already.

name template example.png

Download the app
The app will activate your augmented reality experience.

Available now on  App Store and Google Play.

Pick up a pen

Trace the word on your page.

Writing by hand stimulates fine motor and cognitive functions essential for early learning. It engages the brain much more effectively than just tracing letters on a screen. 

The magic bit - augmented reality

Open the app. Select a rocket or unicorn. Hold your device over the whole page. Make sure the QR code is in view. A big orange button will appear. Click on the button and enjoy your word written in augmented reality. Do it again, and again and again ... Enjoy!


Benefits of handwriting for children

Writing by hand develops children's fine motor and other essential skills. 
Writing assists reading.

If children can read and write they are free to think. Then they are free to imagine.



“Kids are already talented artists and vivid story tellers.


We’re trying to leverage that magic to encourage kids of all ages and abilities to write more, build confidence, have fun and launch their imagination 


We believe that more handwriting will build bigger imaginations which may just solve some of the big hairy problems of the future.”​


Katrina Youdale

Founder Narrator AR


Take a look

Augmented Reality for kids

Narrator AR is a play based app for children learning to write. Its fun, easy to use and encourages them to pick up a pen and write. Using a device to bring their writing to life in augmented reality is magical and rewarding. 

Download and try it!

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